Remote Reading Options


Readings available by:

  • Skype
  • FaceTime
  • Phone
  • Email

Phone, Skype or FaceTime Readings

We’ll talk a little bit about your current circumstances and the questions you want to bring to your reading. The number of cards and the spread I use will relate to the question you have to ask.

I will lead you on a short guided meditation so you can focus deeply on your question as I shuffle and draw the cards. I will read them and interpret the meanings of each card and the spread as a whole.

We may have time for one or two clarifying questions that may involve drawing a few more cards or drawing an Oracle card from another deck.

We will wrap up with overall observations and recommended actions that the reading provides. At that time you will pay the balance owing and I will email you a recording of the session.

Prefer another platform? I also have WhatsApp and Google Hangouts available upon request.

Email Readings

Clients provide some background on their situation and a question for the reading.

I take a ritual approach to all my tarot readings. I always create a sacred space for each reading. I use candles, crystals and incense to create this space. For email readings I describe this process in detail in my report.

I read the email from the client as many times as needed so that it’s clear in my mind. At this point I decide which spread I will use for the reading. I describe the spread I use in my report.

Then I shuffle the cards and think about the client and their question. I do this with a clear and focused mind. Then I lay the cards out tune into my intuition and use my knowledge of the cards meanings to provide answer to the question from the client. When the reading is complete I type up a detailed report on my findings. Clients will receive this report within 48 hours of purchasing the email reading online.

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