• In my practice Tarot is used as an subjective guidance system, it does not provide absolute truths or directions.
  • My client’s needs are my top priority. My role as a reader is to guide you on an internal journey of empowerment and motivation.
  • I do not answer “yes and no” questions as they create a sense of external authority and degrade free will.
  • I view and treat everyone with equal respect – race, religion, gender or sexual orientation are not a factor.
  • I will use any pronouns that my clients are comfortable so please share your preferences with me.
  • I will not contact my client’s outside of professional interactions.
  • It is up to the client if they wish to return for more readings or services, I do not try to persuade clients to do additional readings.
  • I will never claim to possess the power to manipulate the outcome of events through supernatural or occult means.
  • I never engage in deceptive business or unfair trade practices.
  • I do not misrepresent my competency, certifications, qualifications, or abilities.