Client Feedback

What Others have to Say:

“Erika is a passionate and intuitive tarot card reader. Her readings have helped guide my life journey and allow me to see situations with a fresh new perspective. Erika offers a vast knowledge of tarot, crystals and energies to her clients to facilitate new levels of awareness and curiosity. Her readings are powerful and enlightening.” – Amanda C., Colchester, Vermont.

“Erika is amazing at what she does. Her insight goes far beyond the cards and is awe inspiring. She is compassionate and caring to her clients as well as professional. I walked away from my reading with her feeling like I could move mountains.” – Daina W., Minnesota

“Erika is a healing and insightful reader.  With her expert knowledge of the tarot and intuition, she was able to shed light on a difficult situation and offer guidance on how to move forward. I really appreciate the time she took to carefully explain the imagery of each card as well as how they all related to one another.  This allowed me to reflect on the reading long after our time together.  I will definitely be returning for future readings with Erika!”  – Andie S. Canada

I won a 3 card reading from the wonderful Erika about a month ago. I didn’t ask for anything specific and let her read intuitively. I’m glad I did. She covered a lot of areas I needed to focus on and gave me great advice for my personal problems. Did not disappoint. Will definitely use her again for readings.” – Yvonne

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