Seeker To Light II

Wald Amberstone’s quote set off a chain of synchronistic events in my life the past few days. A video by Brian Cormack Carr came up in my feed where he discussed nonduality and the work of spiritual teachers like Byron Katie and Eckhart Tolle in relation to the Tarot. Since I reconnected with my Pagan path and my love of Tarot I had not seen the connection between this path and my previous New Age learnings although I knew there had to be one. Brian’s video changed that.

Brian spoke about the process of spiritual evolution as the growth of awareness in the present moment. The present moment, or the Now as Eckhart Tolle refers to it, contains everything; all memory and record of the past and all hope and worry for the future. Indeed without present awareness there would be no past or future, these concepts would not exist therefore they are illusion.

The only thing that is real is the Now and the only access to what is really is through awareness. The spiritual journey is that of deepening awareness and sinking fully into the present moment. Awareness is light and as light expands it emcompasses darkness. From the access point of our awareness we have the Divine power to connect with everything that ever was and ever will be.

Spiritual practices and tools offer us avenues to expand our awareness. Tarot is one such tool. The Self is the present moment. How could it be anything but that? It can only ever be in the present that we exist. Through the expansion of light we grow to know self more deeply and grow to realize our true non-dual nature as Divinity itself. Tarot, ritual, astral travel, prayer, suffering, meditation, trance are all tools that will help with the expansion of awareness and knowledge of Self.

The expansion of awareness within one person is the expansion of awareness in all people. It has to be so because the more our light grows the more we realize that there is only one source of light and many points of that source, we are all one. I will be filming more videos to discuss this concept as it applies to use of Tarot and to Pagan practice.

For now I will share that my work with the Triple Goddess relates to this process of enlightenment. For me Diana represents the hunt for and first experience of awareness. She is the dawn, the new moon, the first moment that awareness – satori. Freya represents the light of awareness in its full strength and powerful glory. The Dark Mother or Crone Goddess (I have not found my Dark Goddess yet but I suspect it is Lilith or possibly The Morrigan) represents all that still lies in shadow to be known and discovered.

I look forward to sharing more of my insights with you. If you are interested in learning more about my spiritual path before I reconnected with Paganism, Witchcraft and the Tarot. Check out these blogs:

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I hope you enjoy them and thank you for joining me as I seek the light.