About My Spiritual Practice


I found this old YouTube tag that has some great questions about Pagan and Witchcraft practitioners I thought I would answer these questions and share a bit about my practice.

1. Do you have a witchy name?

Yes, I do. In 2008, I self-initiated as a solitary practitioner at the time I gave myself a name associated with my practice. Currently, only one other person knows this name and I don’t plan on sharing it with many people.

2. Where are you located?

I live in Northern Vermont.

3. Do you wear special jewelry for spell work?

Yes, I do I primarily wear an amethyst pendant. I actually don’t keep any specific jewelry for ritual or spell craft, but I do have several pieces of jewelry that I consider to have spiritual significance.

4. What is you favorite space or place?


My altars are my favorite indoor place, my main altar is pictured here. In terms of outside places I love to be by the water, both lakes and ocean.

5. What is your favorite stone or crystal for workings?

Like most people who work with crystals I do have a few that are my favorite to work with. I love labradorite, clear quartz, carnelian, rose quartz and black tourmaline.

6. How long have you been practicing?

This is not a simple question to answer and I probably need to write another blog on this topic but I have basically been practicing since I was about 25 years old so about 17 years.

7. Do you have any deities?


My matron is Freya. I also work with the Triple Goddess, St. Francis of Assisi and the Green Man. I don’t currently have a Patron. I have been interacting with a dark female deity recently whose name is not yet clear to me. I have interest in working with Lilith, so I wonder if it may be her.

8. What are you favorite incenses?


I love Morning Star, a Japanese brand, it is very mild and quick burning. I love the Sandalwood and Vanilla. Sandalwood is the scent I work with the most. I also use Hem’s Luna incense on Esbats and I use cinnamon for cleansing often too.

9. Have you ever had to clear a space of a negative entity?

Not knowingly I have cleared a lot of spaces of negative energy but I am not sure if there was an actual entity attached to the spaces.

10. What is your favorite witchy show or movie?

Practical Magic is my favorite witchy movie, I’ve probably watched it 20 times. I want to move into the house in that movie, I just love it.

11. How do you raise energy before rituals or spell work?

Ritual bathing, meditation, visualization. I am interested in exploring chanting and using shakers.

12. Do you help others magickally?

To me every act that is done with intentional awareness is a form of magick. If my intention is to help others than I am helping them magickally. I do this often.

13. What are your favorite forms of divination?

Tarot – today, tomorrow, always. 🙂 It is my passion.

14. What element do you work with the most?

I am most connected to are fire and water. I feel like I am in the sacred womb of the Divine when I am in a hot bath with candles or in the moonlight in a lake.

15. If you threw a party which YouTube witches would you invite?

Kelly-Ann Maddox as anyone who read my last blog knows. I could listen to that woman talk for hours, in fact I have and will continue to on a regular basis. I also love Avalon Cameron and Joey Morris. I recently found a newcomers channel that I love, Dustin from A Pagan Practice. It would be wonderful to have a glass of wine with this group. I have a feeling it would be a long night of wonderful conversation.

16. What are your witchy goals?

I am interested doing more spell work, I am very connected to my ritual practice and working with Deity but would like to work more spells. The few times I did they went very well. I am also interested in studying Chaos magic, learning to scry with a crystal ball and use my runes more extensively. I hope to learn more about astrology also. I am an avid reader and will be a lifelong student so I’m sure there will be many more topics to come.

I hope you enjoyed reading about my practice. If you enjoyed it please like this blog so I know I should write more on this topic.

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