Finding Your Reader

When I last wrote I shared my plans to get readings from a variety of Tarot Readers and share my observations. I did get a professional reading done recently. The first Reader I chose to approach was one that already had made a strong impact on me. I have been watching Kelly-Ann Maddox’s YouTube Channel for months.

I was more enthralled with her videos than any I have seen on Youtube relating to spirituality, Tarot and psychology. Kelly-Ann’s philosophy and practice really resonate with my own path. So, when I decided to start out getting readings done by well known Readers she had to be the first.

The reading I had with Kelly-Ann exceeded my wildest hopes and dreams. I wrote pages and pages on the reading. It brought me power life changing insights. This reading reminded me of why I fell so in love with the Tarot all those years ago. The Tarot has the magical power to reflect and then magnify our deepest truths. In the hands of a skilled Reader like Kelly-Ann these truths can be unearthed from the unconscious and brought into the light of day.

If you are looking for a Reader with a strong psycho-spiritual approach, laid back and approachable demeanor then I highly recommend Kelly-Ann. She is extremely articulate, intelligent and wise beyond her years. Kelly-Ann clearly practices what she teaches. She is the real deal and that is rare in this world.

Shortly after having my reading I decided to work with Kelly-Ann as my Spiritual Counselor. I have had one session thus far and it was equally incredible. I recognize that I have found my next guide on my spiritual journey and my main Tarot Reader.

I do think that it is beneficial to have readings from a range of Readers with a variety of approaches and perspectives. I will continue to try out new Readers and share my experiences on this blog. However, like many things in life when you find the right match you just know.

It is the most wonderful feeling to know that you have found someone who’s experience, wisdom and insights will help guide you onto the next part of your journey. I feel so grateful for Kelly-Ann. If you are interested in working with her please visit her website. I know she will deliver you an amazing and insightful reading.

Merry Part.

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