9 Ways to Get the Most Out of Your Professional Tarot Reading (Part 1)

You spent your hard earned money and had a Tarot Reading. It was extremely insightful and you got many wonderful pearls of wisdom. You may be wondering how you can process the incredible download you received from your reader. This blog series will help you to connect more deeply to your reading and get the most out of it. In part one of this series let’s look at 3 different (free!) ways that you can get the most out of your reading long after your session has ended.

Make sure that you have notes on each card in the reading and their position in the spread. Ask the reader if they are going to send you a photo of the spread or record the session. Very few readers offer written notes, unless you purchase an email reading, so it may be up to you to make notes.

  1. Pathworking – Depending on the number of cards in your reading you may want to do this for one to two cards that stood out to you or you may want to work with every card. Pathworking involves going into a meditative state and using your active imagination to, in this case, interact with the image in a particular Tarot card. You are essentially entering the scene in the card and experiencing it with all your senses. Check out this video by Kelly-Ann Maddox on pathworking with Tarot cards. Pathworking in my opinion is the most intense way to connect with a card’s energy and gain the greatest amount of personal insight into the meaning the card holds for you.
  2. Meditation – Meditating on the image in a Tarot card is another effective way to gain more personal insights. To prepare for meditation with your card you will need a copy of the card (the actual card or a printed image of it). Candles and incense are optional, they can help greatly to enhance the meditation experience. (Please note: do not lean your card against a lit candle). This practice involves going into a meditative state by doing deep, slow breathing and calming your mind for at least five minutes. Once you are in that state open your eyes (if they are closed) and focus on the image of the card in front of you. Gaze at the card as you continue to breath deeply and focus your mind on the image in the card. A specific symbol or element of the card will likely stand out to you, focus on it for the rest of your meditation session (you will intuitively know when you are done). Make a note of the symbol and over the next 3 or 4 days notice if any significance messages related to this symbol surface for you.
  3. Journal – pick one or two cards from your reading (or more if you are an avid journal writer) and write about the card. Not sure how to approach this? You can write a detailed description of the image in the card either objectively (stating what you see, example: There is a personal standing in front of a body of water juggling….) or subjectively (stating what you feel or the figures in the card feel, example: the woman in this card looks sad as if she has lost someone close to her). You can write a creative story based on the image in the cards (or the images in several cards). These exercises will allow you to tap into your subconscious to gain a deeper perspective on the reading and discover even greater personal insights into the significance of the cards in relation to your question and your life.

These three approaches allow for deeper exploration of your reading. They can lead to many profound insights that allow you to continue learning from your reading well after your paid session ends. These practices will build upon and enhance the powerful information that come from a professional reading. In my next two blogs I will share another 6 suggestions on how you can continue to delve into your reading.

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