The Magick of 2018


Last night right around midnight I pulled a card. I pulled The Chariot and thought it was a great card to pull for the coming year. This card represents triumph, success, mastery, control, will power, the developed ego and overcoming obstacles.

To quote the Druidcraft guide book (the above card is from this deck), “The journey to develop the persona, ego or everyday self is a long one. But once we become conscious of a centre of awareness within ourselves, we can start to allow a natural organizing principle to work through us, which manifests as will. Through applying awareness and intention, and by using our will to make choices, we can steadily make progress towards success and achievement.”

Since water is elementally associated with this card, I take this to mean that my emotional state will plan a big role in how I connect with and direct my will over the next year. My emotions will be my guide to my center of awareness.

So this morning I decided to calculate my year card. My birth is December 20th. So 12+20 = 32 an 32+2018= 2050 which reduces down to 7. As it turns out my year card is The Chariot. Having picked this card intuitively last night (without yet having learned how to calculate my year card), I would say that this year is off to quite a magickal start.

Tonight the full moon is in Cancer (the astrological sign associated with The Chariot) so I will definitely be working with this card tonight as I honor the Full Moon and the year to come. With my moon sign being Cancer I can see that this will be a powerful year for me.

Try calculating your Year Card and see what tone it sets for 2018!

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