Tips on Formulating the Best Question for a Tarot Reading

Some people have a hard time coming up with a question for their tarot reading. They often feel unsure what to ask. In these cases I work with them to identify the best question. Here are some tips
1. If you don’t have a burning question about an area of their life such as relationships, career, finances, etc. it makes sense to do a reading that focuses on their general state of being by asking questions like “what are the general energies surrounding me at this time?” or “What do I need to look at to improve my life at this time?” or “What are some things I need to know/work on to move forward spiritually?” or “How you are doing mind, body and spirit?”
2. Yes/no questions, although the Tarot can respond to them, are very limiting and don’t often allow for the full picture.
3. Most importantly, remember that the focus is on you. Asking questions about another person’s life or perspective is not the best approach. Since the Tarot mirrors our internal state and our higher consciousness when answers about others come up they are usually heavily influenced by your perspective, fears and desires.
For example, if I did a reading for someone and it came up that her boyfriend was the “Peter Pan” type. He was behaving immaturely and avoiding responsibility, etc. Now, it is possible that he was behaving that way but it is also possible that it was the client’s perspective that he was. Since the reading was about her it really didn’t matter which was accurate because either way if that was her experience of her boyfriend at the time.
Her perspective was affecting her on a deep level and that was what mattered because it was a clue to look more deeply at why she was being affected by the behavior and less about what was actually happening from the boyfriend’s perspective or a neutral perspective. She may have come to the conclusion that his behavior was not all that bad when she looked at things in the greater context of her reading and naturally realized that she was projecting that perspective onto him. OR if his behavior truly was a problem how could she take ownership over how she let it affect her?
Feeling confidence about your question in a reading is the first step towards a meaningful experience at the Tarot table.

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