Quick Relationship Spread

Want a fast way to take your relationship’s temperature? Try this spread!

Probably the most common question that comes up in Tarot readings is the desire to know what is going on in a relationship. I developed a short spread that allows for three perspectives on a relationship.

The two cards placed on the lower left are drawn to represent the querent’s perspective on the relationship. The two cards on the lower right represent their partner’s perspective on the relationship. The final two card in the upper center of the spread represent the relationship as its own entity. These cards show what each partner is bringing to the relationship. Which provides a clear picture of how the relationship is currently doing.

In my experience it’s important to look at each individual separately as well as looking at the relationship as a whole. The relationship card on the left relates to what the querent brings to the relationship  and the card on the right relates to what their partner brings. If they don’t mesh well we can tell that things are not going well in the relationship.

In the below reading we can see that the querent is not feeling so great about the relationship. They clearly had some expectations around having a very nurturing relationship (The Empress), they may even have been looking to their partner to be a maternal influence in their life. But now they are in a place where they have likely released those expectations and are looking for a whole new situation or even a new relationship (Death). They are ready for something to end and something new to start. As a result they are likely bringing some serious drama to the relationship (The Tower).

Their partner has a different perspective. They initially felt fantastic about their relationship (The Sun). Now they are feeling very emotional about things and maybe even anxious (The Moon). Their approach to the relationship is to try to bring a healing and nurturing energy (The Star). This may be little to late for the querent since they have left their desire for nurturing behind (The Empress).

We can see that the end result is an imbalanced relationship one partner is creating drama while the other is trying to bring a healing energy to things. This relationship is not likely to last very long in this state.


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