Day 46 – The Wheel of Fortune

IMG_1521-3Finally the weather is getting cooler here is the northeastern part of the United States. The Wheel of Fortune (or The Wheel) is a wonderful card for the day before Halloween. This card can be representative of changes in the cycles and seasons of our lives. I love this depiction from the Druidcraft deck. You can feel the motion as the woman is turning to complete her circle in the sand. For me this feeling brings up the feeling of the flow of life’s energy. A piece of wisdom from this card is to embrace that flow and enjoy the changing rhythm of life and accept each cycle as it arrives.

This last week, in this part of the world, as the weather is finally shifting and leaves are falling this energy of changing rhythms is very potent. I notice that many people voicing a desire for weather not to get cold, they seem to be detached from the magic of changing  seasons when they complain. This card reminds us of that magic. Happy fall everyone!!

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