Day 43 of 366 – Eight of Swords Reversed


The Eight of Swords Reversed from the Morgan Greer deck relieves some interesting imaginary. This card upright is all about being victimized or limited by our own thoughts. When it’s reversed we finally break free from our self limited thoughts and beliefs. The imaginary in this card that catches my attention is the red dress the woman is wearing. This dress is such a symbol of power that it’s hard imagine that, even with this card face up, this figure was truly a vicim. She may be bound but the rope and blindfold are loose implying that this state is only temporary. When the card is reversed we see the bounds are released.

We see some water is the very lower left corner with a small section of green field surrounding it. The influence of water with its grounding emotional energy could be the element that allows this figure to finally conquer the demons in their head. the green field representing abundance, security and growth.

This card is asking us to examine what supports our victories over our internal demons.

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