Day 39 – The Judgement and Seven of Pentacles


The horn is The Judgement symbolizes a message, announcement or a wake up call. The Judgement also relates to a strong call to your purpose. The seven of Pentacles contains the energy of hard work resulting in reward. Sometimes we need to go deeper into the card and look beyond the superficial or most common messages of each card to get deeper insights. To unearth the underlying meanings of the card we have to examine the symbology and classic meaning more carefully.

With the Seven of Pentacles if we read more into the scenario in this card we see in the card. This individual is staring fixedly at the pentacles; they are so focused on their harvest. This dedication to hard work and its results can stop us from enjoying the journey itself and enjoying the moment. If we can’t enough the work for its own sake then we become a slave to the results.

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