Day 38 – The Empress Reversed, Nine of Swords Reversed and The Knight of Pentacles


Last night I did a three card reading. I asked about a difficult situation* at work that is coming up for me next week.

The first card represents the current situation: The Empress Reversed

Reversed The Empress represents martyrdom, unproductive energies, and scant results. This definitely represents how I have been feeling in relation to this situation.

The second card represents What I need to Know: The Nine of Swords Reversed

The Nine of Swords is all about worry, anxiety, stress that makes you lose sleep. Reversed this card communicates that worries are a thing of the past. This is one of those situations where faith in the cards can really affects your quality of life. Honestly, I would have spent the whole weekend dreading this upcoming situation but since I have faith in what the cards tell me I was able to release most of that anxiety. The more you work with Tarot the more you build up your faith in the cards. For example, the fact that the cards very accurately predicted two arguments I had in the last few weeks greatly increased my faith in their accuracy. Therefore, when they predict something good or tell me know to worry about something I am more inclined to believe it.

The third card represents Advice: The Knight of Pentacles

This Knight is all about taking a strong and steady approach to things. He is taking his time and pausing to consider his next action. He is diligent and methodical in his approach to things.

I feel the cards are telling me to slow down and be¬†conscientious at my current job. I don’t have to push myself to perform anymore. This actually accurately reflects the conclusion I came to myself. I’m not sure how all this relates to this upcoming event but hopefully time will tell.

* At times I will not be able to share all the details of a situation. This may make it hard to relate my experience with the Tarot but unfortunately there are some areas of my life where I need to have some discretion.


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