Day 32 – King of Cups



“Leads with Love” is the line from Theresa Reed’s Tarot Coloring Book that jumped out at me. The King of Cups is all about emotional intelligence and mastery. I asked the cards last night how I could improve on my relationships. I just loved the concept of leading with love. This made me this of leading not as is being a “love leader” but rather to let love be the first motivation in all my interactions with others.

I’ve felt really taken by all the fish imagery I see in the Cups suit in the Waite decks. Here the fish represents subconscious and emotions. Theresa’s book says “This is a reminder that the King’s emotional and spiritual energy is always in the background guiding everything he does.”

To me true emotional mastery is being strongly in touch with your emotions on an internal level but not letting them spontaneously dictate what you think, say, and do. The King of Cups truly exemplifies emotional strength and intelligence. I will continue to work on bringing King of Cups energy into my relationships.

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