Day 30 – Queen of Wands Reversed and Some Feline Friends


When I pulled the Queen of Wands and The High Priestess both in the reversed position my first thought was that today I was liable to run into a strong female presence (Queen of Wands Reversed) who could be aggressive and demanding. Given The High Priestess Reversed came before I took this to mean that I needed to stay centered and connected to my inner self in the face of this unknown shrew.
As it turns out I now think this was all about that little black cat at the foot of the Queen of Wands.

When I did a meditation on the Queen of Wands I focused in on the cat. I saw the cat as aloof, independent, regal and hard to control. Cat are also seen as protectors and guardians of the underworld (the subconscious realm).

I didn’t encounter a shrew today but I did see cats again. At my Tarot Meetup group tonight we all pulled a Goddess Oracle Card. I pulled Bast the Egyptian Goddess who represented independence. She had two cats in the image with her. The interpretation spoke of independence, spending time alone and connecting with myself. As we all know cats are solidarity creatures.

Clearly, cats have a message for me today. The piece that stands out to me is spending time alone and forging my own path, like a cat refusing to take direction from others or follow the crowd. Meow!


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