Day 29 – V of swords


“The Five of Swords sees you engaging in conflict or finding yourself disagreeing with others, leading to tension and hostility. Despite thinking you have won, you may still end up the loser because you have hurt or annoyed others and have subsequently isolated yourself.” – Biddy Tarot

I had to include this interpretation of the Five of Swords. It was bang on for me today. Last night when I pulled it I thought I’d probably not have a personal connection to this card today (I hoped not anyways). Well, I was wrong I had this exact experience in a personal relationship today. Since I have be pulling cards the night before (with a toddler I do my readings when I can) this shows that the cards can and do predict the future (like it or not!).

I’ll be paying more heed to the divination powers of the cards moving forward.


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