Day 27 – The Star (and The Tower)



Last night I pulled The Star before I went to bed. In the Tarot deck The Star follows The Tower and signifies healing after a crisis. It illustrates a deep connection with one’s inner self.  The bird in the background on the tree is an Egyptian Ibis, the symbol of the God Thoth, the creator of all the arts. The Ibis represents creativity is its purest form.

In the last few weeks I have been setting the intention for my dreams to be a safe space for me to work on connecting to my subconscious and healing negative beliefs that no longer serve me.

Last night, I had a powerful dream. I dreamt that there was a little girl that I was connected to (she seemed to be my daughter). This little girl had been so abused and mistreated that she grew to truly hate herself. She decided to climb the Eiffel Tower to jump off and kill herself. I was horrified and desperately wanted to save her. I saw that she had no shoes or coat and it was cold. So, I decided to climb the inside of the Tower to bring her shoes and hair ties (my real life daughter loves hair ties).

So, I climbed up, it was a really scary experience. I hate heights in my waking world and I guess I hate them in my dream world too. I made it to the top and I was reaching up to give her the shoes and hair ties. As she reached down from the very top of the Tower to get them a slide appeared beside me so I grabbed her and we slid down to safety. I saved her! I knew my love would heal her.

When I woke up today I remembered this dream vividly (a sure sign that it was important). It struck me how much my dream had in common with The Tower card that precedes The Star. I realized that my dream gave me a clear vision of my spiritual work. My internal crisis was the pain that the vulnerable part of myself has experienced throughout my life. Through my spiritual development and personal work (facing all the demons, my fear of heights in the dream) I was able to save that part of myself that feels so damaged by others and shamed into self hatred. Now, I’ve reached The Star’s world; a calm, healing, inner sanctuary where I can connect with self love, feel safe and protected after a crisis.

The combination of my dreams and the Tarot provided a clear message that I am on a healing path and I have the power to overcome my demons and save myself. At this point I can finally express my creativity from a safe healthy place.

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