Day 26 – Five of Cups and The Devil Reversed

Yesterday was a slow day at work, I was listening to some YouTube videos in the background as I got some paperwork done. I was listening to videos by a successful professional Tarot Reader. I stumbled across a video where she spoke about another service she provides. The language that she was using to describe these services triggered something in me that screamed “pyramid scam.”

That trigger sent me on downward spiral of self-doubt and negativity. The thing about all of this was that it was a very subtle experience. I experienced a subtle shift in my energy levels and emotional state feeling slightly worn down and negative.

Since, I’ve been so focused on attuning with my inner state I was able to pick up on this subtle shift very quickly. I immediately engaged in an inner dialogue that basically amounted to  me convinced myself to feel the fear and do it anyways. I was able to prevent this subtle trigger from discouraging me from my path.

The cards I pulled last night reflect this subtle state. The Five of Cups and The Devil Reversed. The Devil reversed carries the message that we can reclaim our personal power either from others or from our personal demons. The Five of Cups definitely represents my inner demons and my state of self doubt. The cards were telling me to feel the fear and do it anyways!

My first reaction to pulling those cards on the day that I battled those inner demons was “Wow, the cards are really connected to me.” The cards are a mirror of Self. Since I’ve become more attuned to my inner state the cards are also more attuned.

During a Tarot reading the cards reflect not only the state of the seeker but also of the reader. The more attuned we are with our Higher Self as both a reader and a seeker the more profound our experience with the cards.

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