Day 25 – Queens of Cups and The Hierophant Reversed


I described the Queen of Cups in a recent blog. The Hierophant represented upholding tradition, spiritual teachings and dogma. Reversed this card indicates nonconformity, originality and willingness to take risks, go against the grain and against convention. A new world order.

I focused in on the keys at the bottom on the card. The image I got was the keys opening a door and bright sunlight on the other side. The keys represent spiritual knowledge, they open the door to enlightenment.

The combination of these cards tell me to trust my intuition and Higher Self over the advice of others, the traditional worldview, and dogma. By trusting myself I am participating in the creation of a new world order. Trusting my intuition and feelings is going with the flow of life. It is the act of opening the door to enlightenment.

When I was young my strong emotional nature was not well accepted by those around me. The subtle messages (sometimes not so subtle) I got was that I was too sensitive, I wore my heart of my sleeve and I couldn’t control my emotions. I never learned how to channel these strong emotions and develop my sensitivities. If I had learned to tune into my intuition and see it as a strength and a gift not a character flaw or negative personality trait.

If I had been shown how to manage my strong feelings and grow as an Empath I would have had a very different outlook on myself and the world. I spent most of my life believing that my intuition, emotional nature and sensitivities were something to overcome, something undesirable. There was something wrong with me. I missed my true calling to develop a career using this strengths to help others. I never had the chance to self actualize.

After years of personal work and spiritual development I now see my true nature and my abilities as a powerful gift. I am finally at the point where I see that I have no choice but to hone my skills and develop a career where I use them to help other people connect with themselves and grow personally and spiritually.

The world is definitely in a major period of transition. More and more people are desperate to connect with themselves and others on a deeper level. This means that people like me are becoming more valued and respected in general society. Science is beginning to back us up. Opportunities to build careers to use these skills are already increasing.

However, I do feel that in proclaiming my emotional/intuitive nature as an asset and furthermore attempting to transition to a career that celebrates these strengths is an act of rebellion against societal norms, at least for the near term. This reading perfectly articulates these conclusion that I have recently reached. The Tarot is completely in tuned to my inner state today!

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