Day 23 – Queen of Cups & Three of Cups


In this reading the cup raised the highest and the Angels on the Queen’s throne stood out to me. The Cup brought the image of victory to my mind. The image of someone raising a trophy over hand in triumph kept coming to my mind. Looking at this image in the context of the card I interpreted it as victory with the support of a group. Abundance and success can never truly be achieved independently; we always have a team of supporters around us.

The Angels on the Queen of Cups’ throne  also brought to mind a support system. There are Angels surrounding us and helping us along on our path in life. They help us connect to our emotional intelligence and inner guidance system. This support helps us to stay connected to our Higher Self and stay on the path that will lead us to personal victory and abundance.

Our Angels are there to help us heal and self actualize.

The Queen of Cups is my significator ( we all have a card in the Tarot deck that represents us. From age fourteen I identified with the Queen of Cups, she was the woman I knew I’d become).

I can’t deny that over the last few weeks I have had so many Angels support me on my path to reconnecting with my true passion and starting the road to a career as a Tarot Reader.

From the woman in the metaphysical store who encouraged me to dedicate myself to the Tarot for a year and a day; to my Mom who is always there to support me and listen; to my good friend, Amanda, who became my first “practice client”; to Theresa Reed, The Tarot Lady, who has responded to every email I sent her providing support and amazing resources and tools (including her Tarot Coloring Book).

I feel so blessed to have all these Angels guiding me on my path of personal evolution.

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