Day 22 of 366 – Page of Pentacles


Once again I chose to use the Voice of the Card method to read this card. The part of the image that I focused on what the group of trees on the bottom left of the image. The message the trees imparted was a feeling of wisdom, knowledge, confidence and a grounding energy. As I spent more time with the image of the trees the message got clearer. I have all the knowledge I need to succeed. I need to trust that and develop confidence in myself. 

Once I connected with that message I could see so clearly how it weaved itself through the rest of the card. The mountains off to the right also offer a calm, grounding energy and denote knowledge. The field in the front and the Page’s outfit and stance send a message of abundance and confidence. The Page confidently gazes at the Pentacle in his hand that represents abundance and prosperity. He is anchored on both sides by the mountains and trees that give him the supportive knowledge he needs to succeed and create abundance.

There is no doubt that the Voice of the Card method is a powerful form of intuitive reading. It provides a much deeper dive into the cards than just reading an interpretation in a book. It gave me with a strong intuitive connection to the card. I am so grateful to the Tarot School for teaching this simple yet powerful method.



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