Day 21 – The Voice of the Card: Two of Swords


This blog won’t give you the traditional interpretations of this card. I’ll be focusing on intuitive interpretation for the near future. Last night, I did a method of intuitive reading called “The Voice of the Card.” This basically involves gazing at the card and seeing what part of the card jumps out for you. That part of the image has a message for you. I tried it and it gave me a much more powerful message than I ever got by pulling a card and reading an interpretation.

When I did this exercise the piece of the image that jumped out at me was the water. The water shared with me is that my turbulent emotions (wavy lately like the water in this image) are temporary but they hold a message for me and I need to stop trying to avoid or solution my emotions but rather let them bring me there message. So, I relaxed into my feelings.

What I learned is that my fear of failure goes back to age 6. I failed 1st grade. I have dyslexia and couldn’t learn at the rate needed to make it through 1st grade in one school year. That failure led to years of horrific teasing and abuse from my classmates. I now see clearly that it left me with a powerful fear to fail and drive to succeed. I had so much riding on the failure/success aspect of my life. On a deep level I fear I will be ostracized is I fail. As I mentioned before this has profoundly colored most of my life decisions and experiences since then and caused me much misery.

The cards I have been pulling for the last few weeks have been showing me this over and over again. Why? My subconscious desperately wants me to just follow my bliss. Finally, just enjoy myself and do what feels fun and trust that my happiness will lead me to success.

This was powerful personal work. I have to say that using the intuitive interpretation brought me to a much deeper connection to the cards, and therefore myself, than my approach of pulling and reading books to interpret the card. Moving forward, I need to sit with the card and let my intuition really connect with the process.

This experience shows me just how powerful a tool Tarot is. I can’t say enough that these cards are a major resource for personal evolution and self examination. They are an actual concrete way to explore your inner world, heal, evolve.

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