Day 20 – Eight of Wands


Another three card reading today,  I can tell that the six of pentacles has a message for me. I may need to stay focus on it and meditate it a bit longer to get the message it wants me to hear. It must go beyond what seems like a pretty clear interpretation related to generosity, charity and helping others. The King of Swords also visits me again the mind over emotions part of the interpretation speaks to me today. I’ve been really emotional the last few days and I realize I need to detach from the emotion and just observe it and see what I learn from it. Finally, the eight of Wands is about a successful conclusion, swift progress and an important message.

This is the first reading I’ve had in 20 days that I feel I need more time to contemplate than one day. Especially, since two of the cards came up before and I had another reading that was very similar a few days ago that featured the six of pentacles and the two of Wands. So, the combination of Wands cards about achieving goals and the six of Pentacles. I also had the reading yesterday with the 4 of Pentacles and the Ace of Wands. Clearly the Wands and Pentacles are trying to tell me something important. I need to contemplate this more. If I pull another Wand or Pentacle tomorrow they will really have my attention .

The theme is clearly achievement, inspiration, creativity, career, and helping others.

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