Day 18 – Six of Pentacles and Two of Wands


Twice today the six of pentacles presented itself to me. It fell out of the deck and then when I finished shuffling I drew it. It couldn’t have made itself clearer to me that it needed to be heard. “You need to help people!”

Six of Pentacles represents charity and generosity. I drew another card since I’ve already pulled the six of pentacles recently. The two of wands is about achievement of goals and looking forward to the next goal that one wishes to achieve.

Together these cards tell me that I’m entering a phase where I should focus on helping others professionally. I love this reading because it really illustrates how two cards together provide a message that is slightly different from each card’s meaning independently.

Tarot is a concrete way to help people examine their lives and go deeper into their journey within. I am so grateful that my passion for Tarot has ignited. I can’t wait to get out there and help others with this amazing tool.


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