Day 16 – The Moon


Ever since I had a trauma experience in my late teens I’ve had nightmares almost every night. Most if not all the dreams take the form of me as a victim being pursued by an assailant in one way or another. Last night was more of the same. I woke up pondering how I can work on healing that victim state that seems to haunt my subconscious each night.

Then I pulled the Moon. This card is all about the subconscious world. It can be interpreted as emotions running amok. It can also signify the dreamworld. The crayfish represents psychic abilities emerging from the subconscious realm (depicted by the water). This card tells us we are developing a deeper connection to our intuition. The dog represents the tame Adult ego state and the wolf represents the wild nature of our child ego. The dual nature of our minds. The Moon is only partly blocking the Sun. This provides the message that although we contain both light and dark, we do not have to let our shadow block out our light.

The towers on each side of the card seem to contain this emotional, intuitive realm. The message I interpreted from this is that I can use my dreamworld as a safe, contained place to examine my subconscious beliefs about victimhood.

Tonight, I will set the intention for my dreams to be that safe container to allow for healing my victimhood beliefs.

This is one of my favorite cards in the deck. It brings a powerful, intuitive and emotional energy and for me it provides a sense of peace and strength.

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