Day 15 – VI of Swords Reversed


The fear of failure has directed so many decision and actions in my life. I realized just how much of an ingrained subconscious  theme success and failure has been in my life. How much my desire for success and fear of failure has sucked the joy out of life for me.

The six of swords calls for me to let go of fears and do things for the simple joy of doing them. Happiness needs to be the main motivation for any undertaking. Failure or success will come as a part of any endeavor but the experience of doing something for the pure joy of it is what really matters in life. There is no way to be fully present in life if we are focused on the end result of our actions and giving those results more value then we give our present action.

In the six of swords reversed we see that the woman and child can only leave behind turbulent times and reach calmer shores if they are willing to let go of the past and turn their backs on the harder time. Unwillingness to let go of our losses, burdens and fears holds us back from reaching our desired destination. Also, we learn from this card that we are not alone. The woman and child have the support of a man steering their boat to the not so distance shore. For me this means that I am not facing my fears or desires alone. If they start to infringe and threaten to affect my decision making or actions the best approach is to share my fears with a trusted friend and then release them. Once I let go of the emotional hook of that fear, I can still feel it’s presence. However, now it not longer has a hold on me, it’s not in the driver seat. I can then truly  feel the fear and do it anyways.

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