Day 13 – The Fool Reversed

“Feel the fear and do it anyways.”

The fear of the unknown. I doubt that anyone in the history of humanity ever knew if they pursued their passion they would be 100% guaranteed success. Why would I think that I need an impossible guarantee in order to pursue my dream? The internal dialogue I’ve had for my whole life has been all about giving up dreams at the slightly thought of failure. “What if I fail?” “What if I am no good at this?” “What if I never make a penny off of this?” “What if people think I’m a fraud?” “What if I’m stuck in the soul killing career for my whole life?” “What if I stuck at this horrible job forever?” “I can’t do this because I’ll never make enough money to live off of.”

I was focusing on all those horrible defeating statements and  “what if” questions instead of focusing on the fact that this is my passion. I want to just do something for the love of it and not know where it will take me, only knowing that it fills my soul with joy to do it and gives me the deepest sense of purpose I’ve ever known. Doing it even though I have no idea where this path we lead.

The Fool dares me to listen to my heart and know that it is more powerful than any fear could ever be. Let the fear be present and be brave enough to go with the creative flow. Follow my dream as if success was completely guaranteed in every way. The Fool doesn’t suffer any of other party pooping, killjoy fear demons, he follows his passion with fearless abandon.

Finding your true passion ignites courage like never before. You know you have no choice but to feel the fear and do it anyways, because if you didn’t a little piece of your soul would die.


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