Day 11 of 366 – 3 of Cups and 9 of Pentacles Reversed


This morning I felt compelled to actually ask the cards a question. I asked what I most needed to continue to advance spiritually. To my amazement they actually answered with a clear reply. Three of Cups representing community and support. Nine of Pentacles Reversed representing unfinished business, work to be done.

The cards told me that I need a support system and community in order to advance on my spiritual path. My work is not done and in order to continue it I need a community. This is exactly what I have been feeling lately. The last two years I pursued my spiritual learning and personal growth solo. Although I did make a lot of progress, I knew that there was something missing. In the last month I’ve keenly felt the need for a “sangha.” One or more communities and sources of support to help me on my path. So I started a local Tarot meet up, joined another spiritual group, and started a mom’s support group, among other things. Immediately, things took off for me.

In fact it took a conversation with a stranger in my local Occult shop to get a clear message that the Tarot was calling me and blogging about it would be a significant part of my process.

We are all in this together, having a community and support network is so critical.

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