Day 10 of 366 – 6 of Pentacles Reversed


I did an amazing reading for a close friend last night, I think she would say that it was extremely helpful for her. The experience affirmed my decision to put more focus on  reading Tarot to help others and teaching them to read too, so they can in turn help more people. The Six of Pentacles Reversed confirms that this is the right track for me.

This card in it’s reversed position carries the message that it is time to spot focusing on personal needs and look to support others. The time has come to be the mentor or philanthropist. This is so fitting for me, I am truly at a point on my journey where I’m ready to stop focusing all my energy on getting my problems solved. I have acquired the tools, resources and inner strength I need to face my own life challenges and I am ready to teach others how to do that for themselves. The Tarot is a powerful tool for self discovery and deep healing. It can help us navigate our inner and outer worlds and tap into our own Higher wisdom.

If you are interested in joining my one year Tarot Focus group and receiving free reading for a year visit my last blog for details. You can contact me on this site too with any questions.

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