Day 9 of 366 – The High Priestess


The theme of listening to my intuition and tuning in to my subconscious continued today with The High Priestess. She actually is the card that represents connecting to your inner wisdom. Today I learned that really trusting my intuition means just that – really, really trusting myself. For example, with the Tarot I was pushing against my desire to consult books and balance trusting my intuition with learning from external expert sources. I was trying to force myself to listen to my inner voice but at the same time actually ignoring what it was saying.

After a few really pivotal conversations I realized that it was my intuition telling me to find the balance in life between the spiritual and the physical, the right and left brains, inner wisdom and external knowledge. So, I decided to balance my year and a day of Tarot study with consulting external sources and tapping into my inner wisdom.

I believe that this message is actually a powerful piece of wisdom; we need to find our balance between our internal and external life experiences in every aspect of this existence. We live in a world where the imbalance for most of us leans in the direction of the external experience. That’s why I wrote several of my blogs, particular my blog 20 Ways to Create Space for Space in Your Life. I have intentionally selected certain practices and activities to make prioritize in my life to allow a balance between my internal and external experience. For me those activities include writing, meditation, yoga and the Tarot.

Last week I did some powerful work, I realized that I have to find that balance in all areas of my life – my marriage, being a mom, and my career. Like most people my career is mostly full of left brain functioning. So, I decided that I need to cultivate a career that allows me to function in my right brain space. Since my current career is well paying and I really enjoy much about it, I realized that what I need is a second part time career on the side. I’ve decided to evolve my study of the Tarot into a career as a professional Tarot Reader and Teacher. My year of study just officially became a bigger commitment than just a year or just a hobby. I am very excited to move forward on this adventure.

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