Day 6 of 366 – IX of Swords and a Ghost


The nine of swords…. sigh.

while I was shuffling the deck this morning I saw it… the very last card in the deck. I purposefully moved it…thinking I don’t want that card. I think in that moment I picked it… because guess what I pulled at the end of it all? That will teach me to mess with the process!

Anxiety and obsessive worry… what’s keeping me up at night? Apparently nightmares about pulling the nine of swords!

So I pulled another card about negative thought patterns. The swords on the wall point forward… worry about the future. The fight scene on the bed frame is behind the figure symbolizing past conflict. Yet there is hope… the flowery blanket on the bed has an optimistic vibe.

The aroma of my dead grandmother’s perfume inexplicably hung in the air around me as I readied for my day this morning. “What do you need me to know Gramma?” I whispered.

Her unearthly visit combined with the arrival of my, seemingly, unwanted tarot card led me to inquire with my mother about the role of anxiety in my Grandma’s life. Not surprisingly her negative patterns mirrored mine perfectly.

Thanks to my Grandmother’s ethereal presence and my unusual tarot pull I’ve been pointed yet again in the direction of self insight and healing.

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