Day Two – The Empress


My Friday visit to the local Occult shop where I had the pivotal conversation with a kind, inspirational woman was a powerful day. Since then I have had two synchronistic experiences that related to this conversation. This gives me a very clear message that I am on the right path. The woman I spoke with mentioned a card in our conversation as an example of how people intuitively work with cards. I pulled the very same card yesterday. I was amazed at the synchronicity of that experience. It was a jaw dropping moment to see it show up.

Day Two of my Year and a Day of studying the Tarot. I pulled the Empress.

After years of deep spiritual and personal work the Empress arrived to show me that I will now be reaping the harvest of that hard work. This is a positive and powerful card it indicates abundance, reward and the Divine Feminine. This card gives me a clear message that my year and a day study of the Tarot is absolutely the right choice on my path at this time.

Yesterday, I tuned into those energies. I felt rejuvenated and excited to be putting down my books. I felt like a student who graduated. This is exactly as it should be. If I had taken a degree in Spiritual studies I would have had an external indicator as to when my studies were done. However with my internal experience to guide me it was my intuition that clearly told me that this phase of my studies or journey is complete and I am ready to move onto the next phase.

I know the cards will continue to give me signposts as to where my journey is headed!

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