Little Altars Everywhere….

Ever since the first time I heard the expression “little altars everywhere” I fell completely in love. I never really fully understood the meaning but every time I heard it, it was food for my soul. I could only attribute it to a novel about the Ya-Ya Sisterhood. But recently I heard it again. I was listening to a Sounds True podcast and an author spoke about actually building little altars everywhere. I fell in love again!

I wish I remembered which podcast  it was I heard this on, if I do I will share it.

I also have a friend on FaceBook, Amber, she is a beautiful Goddess and Pagan practitioner and an altar builder. Seeing her pictures of the breathtaking altars she builds makes me smile every time.

These woman inspired me to build my own little altars.

So I went for a walk today….


This podcast made me realize that building little altars creates a visceral way connection to your subconscious mind. It’s a way to express your internal world outwardly. It is an act of personal and planetary healing. These altars are love notes to the Earth Mother, a powerful way for us to revere and honor our planet. They are a form of divine worship. They are a way to ground ourselves to the earth and connect with the seasons in a tangible way.

I dedicate this blog to Amber and all the other altar builders out there. Thank you.

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