A Year and A Day

After listening to a podcast on Tarot I felt strongly compelled to reconnect with reading the Tarot. Tarot reading is something I have done since the age of 14. Yesterday, I went to a local Occult/Spiritual shop to look for books on the Tarot. I met a woman there and our conversation helped bring things together for me in a very clear way.

She encouraged me to move in the direction of exploring the Tarot. She encouraged me not to read books about the Tarot rather to experience them personally and deeply. She recommended an old Celtic practice where you commit to studying something for a year and a day. Pagans and Wiccans study their chosen belief system for a year and a day before fully committing to the practice.

She recommended pulling one card a day for a year and interpreting it based on my own intuitive observations instead of using external sources to give me answers. This completed clicked with me.  I’ve always been an avid reader sometimes reading half a dozen books at a time often. My recent stint of reading every spiritual book I could get my hands on has started to wain. I realized that all the books and podcasts I heard were giving me the same messages. They told me to turn within and connect to my inner resources; to honor my emotions, my body, my inner wisdom.

I recognized that my desire to reconnect with the Tarot was my desire for a tool that would help me connect internally.

So, I immediately dropped my search for a book about exploring the subconscious and took an adult coloring book with Tarot images and a journal to record me observations. My year and a day of tarot started yesterday. During this time I have two goals. My first goal is to be able to read Tarot without the aid of external resources. My second goal is to strengthen my connection to my inner world – my emotions, my body, my subconscious landscape.

Day One: V of Cups – Loss (Sept. 15th 2017)


Interpretation – All the figure need do is release the loss he is focused on. If he turns away he will encounter hope and the opportunity to build anew. For me this card is pivotal it represents the shift I described earlier. I sensed internally in the last few weeks a desire to release my external search and turn within. Releasing my external search for meaning and happiness is for me the choice to accept loss. I have experienced many losses in my life. I recognize now that I need to release them and fully embrace the present. The only way to open up to the new possibility that awaits you is to fully let go of our losses.

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