The Spiritual Ego

Yesterday, during a pivotal conversation with my friend James John from LAF he used an interesting term – Spiritual Ego.

Spiritual ego occurs when an individual’s ego uses spiritual concepts to get itself back into the driver’s seat. It’s the secret backdoor that the ego can sneak through without us noticing.

For example, if I decide that my ego is something to be eradicated or fought against it’s actually the voice of my ego that created this belief. When we are in a state of opposition  we can be sure that it’s the ego that’s feeling this resistance. Our true nature is to resist nothing. Our true nature is oneness and therefore there is no such thing as opposition – it simply does not exist.

If I see the actions or beliefs of another as wrong (and therefore I see myself as right) I enter that state of opposition. That’s an immediate indicator that the ego is back in charge.

Anytime we choose to see someone or something from an opposing perspective our mind immediately is closed off. We are not open to seeing the world from another’s perspective. We have already judged them and decided to dismiss or condemn them.

This doesn’t mean that we have to agree with a viewpoint that goes against our values or be supportive of atrocities that are committed. What it does mean is that we do not see the individual with the differing opinion as our enemy or try to convince them to agree with our viewpoint. Arguing can only create a sense of separation.

In a state of open receptivity, we do not claim to know what happened when an atrocity occurred or who was to blame so we can punish or judge them. Even if we know someone is to guilty of something horrible we do not judge that on a deep core level they are not as good as us or something is wrong with them. We open our minds and hearts to recognize the light in that person no matter the nature of their horrible crime.

When we no longer approach our shadow self as a problem to overcome but see it as an alley that tries to ensure our survival and safety. Then we are able to open ourself up to higher vibration and hand our lives over to the direction of our Higher Self. Let it take the wheel.

When we come to a place where the unhealthy actions of the ego no longer serve us we can send a silent prayer of thanks to that aspect of our inner self that was doing the best it could to take care of us.

Whenever opposition arises within us, we receive a gift, the opportunity to release that feeling and find common ground, understanding and empathy – all of which are the voice of oneness and love breaking through the veil of duality and separation.

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