First I was miserable, kicked around by life’s circumstances or by other people; like a mouse being batted by a cat.

Then, I realized that I had personal power and I could change my situations, relationships, my financial situation… I could change it all.

So I changed things, many times before I realized no matter how many problems I solved, fights I won, successes I had…I was never satisfied for long.

I realized I could spend my whole life looking for the right job, the next relationship, the right diet, etc.

Then I stopped running from my fears, stopped chasing the carrots and decided to stick with the life situation I was in. Fully emerging myself in it and accept it completely. Using it like a school. Learning to focus on how I respond to my circumstances no matter what they bring.

When I finally saw things that way and practiced what I learned… ironically that is when things began to change in my favor. Ironic because I completely detached from the circumstances.

This was nice, but ultimately didn’t matter because whatever the positive or negative situation – it will eventually change. This is the nature of this impermanent reality.

All that truly matters is being the state of loving presence in this world.

One thought on “Nutshell

  1. Kelly Damude

    It took me awhile to accept my own circumstances, I personally think that is part of maturing. I learned to live in the moment & it’s a good way to live. I like that you are aware of self & that you are always contemplating what’s right for you. I also think writing/journaling is a wonderful way of discovering yourself & helps to ground a person.


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