Why I’ll No Longer Try To “Help” People…

It is so ironic that in order to find our true, healthy connection to others we have to release our unhealthy attachments to them. Once we release our desires to change, control or “take care of” others we are better able to focus on our own path and therefore will eventually tap into the understanding of our deeper spiritual connection to all that Is.

The greatest gift that we can give others is space; space to find their own path, make their own mistakes, solve their own problems. When we give people space or hold space for them we are tapping into Universal Source and sending love and energy to our fellow human. This is all we ever need to do for others. Every pure act of kindness is a form of holding space or sharing energy with another human.

Pure acts of kindness hold no ulterior agenda, no desire to change someone, direct their actions or show them the right way to do something. It is simply the act of flowing Universal Love and energy to that person. Being is our own still space of love in the presence of all we encounter.

The greatest act of Love is to create Space so that another can recognize that sacred Space that is within them always.

Babies, children, sick people and the elderly need physical care and support. Again it comes down to how we approach it. If we can approach our acts of care for others from a place of giving them space and holding our own we ensure that our acts of kindness are as pure as possible. We may choose to buy a meal for a homeless person or provide financial support to a struggling friend as long as we are doing this from a place of pure love with no underlying motivation.

It is so freeing to no longer feel the need to offer up unsolicited advise (or solicited for that matter), to concern myself with the behavior of others that I believe needs to change. For the same reasons, I believe the best way that I can influence my children’s behavior is by example. Examples that are driven by my connection to the Source of all love and infinite possibility. By holding Space for my children to find their own path.

One thought on “Why I’ll No Longer Try To “Help” People…

  1. Jane Empey

    Hi Sweetie! Finally getting organized, and still a bit tired, but wanted to tell you how perfect this is! Please, please post it on my Getting Strong Facebook page. This was exactly what was driving me crazy with the women who we were travelling with. Too much help! Too much advice! I finally lost it with one of them (actually a couple of times) because I just couldn’t stand it any more. AND it made me think very carefully about exactly what you said so perfectly in this blog. You are amazing! Keep going……



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