Open Your Heart – Love. Appreciate. Forgive.

One of the most pure and powerful spiritual practices I’ve learned is to open my heart and live from a space of love and acceptance. I have been blessed to meet many other people on my journey who strive to do this as well.

One such person is James John. I connected with his work through his FaceBook page. His message is simple yet incredibly powerful.

Love. Appreciate. Forgive.

James is all about living with an open heart. His message and work challenge us to do that everyday.


James has created a community of people who wish to live their lives with open hearts. He shares his message to embrace his beautiful philosophy and live our lives by three simple principles: Love. Appreciate. Forgive. 


As I mentioned recently I wish more spiritual teachers would make their messages accessible to everyone. James does that, he offers free Facebook Live videos every Thursday at 8pm EST. His work is a labour of love and is available through Facebook, podcasts and his website. He’ll be doing his first retreat very soon.

zen-wallpaper.jpgI’ve been so blessed to meet James, his message is authentic and he clearly strives to live by it everyday. He has been a wonderful influence in my life.


Knowing that James is out there fearlessly sharing his message with an open heart gives me the courage to share my story and message too. We need a world where more people offer free hugs and have the courage to live by the principles – Love. Appreciate. Forgive.

Thank you James!

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