Many of us are under the illusion that choices allow us to control our destiny. That we make choices because we have the power to determine what is best for us. The truth is that there is no way we can ever know what is truly best for us. If we approach choices from this perspective they will lead us to a lifetime of frustration, disappoint and self doubt. Choices lead us to a strong sense of disempowerment if we subscribe to this philosophy. Choices do not determine the outcome of situations or impact our fate.

Outcomes and fate are determined by the ultimate authority in this universe. The only perspective that can offer a clear view on what is best for us is the God perspective and our ego cannot offer us that perspective. If we make choices based on emotions and gut feelings we are getting closer to that God perspective and allowing our Higher Self to drive our decisions. This is better, still it does not offer us the true power of influencing the direction of our lives that many believe they have.

So what is the true purpose of choices? Choices influence the quality of our experience in this existence. Choice are linked to the one thing we have control over in this existence and that is “how” we do things. See my recent blog on the importance of how in our lives:

If we make choices in our lives with this wisdom; we can let go of the need to control, to know what is best for us or others . We can simply do what feels best and trust our guts. This explanation helped me understand the focus in the spiritual community in the last 25 or 30 years on “following your bliss” as Joseph Campbell called it. It became clear to me that following my bliss was truly the best choice I could make for myself.

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