Emotional Vipassana

  1. When you have an emotional response, whether good or bad, find the place in your body where you feel that emotion.
  2. Breathe your awareness into that physical sensation and fully focus on it and your breathing for as long as you need to.
  3. Notice the desire, especially with negative emotions, to move back into your mind and “think” about the feeling and the external circumstance that you believe created the feeling.
  4. Bring your breath and awareness back to the internal experience of the feeling.
  5. Repeat.
  6. You can ask the feeling to share with you whatever message that it wants you to have.

Remember – Abandonment of self is the action of moving away from the heart/body’s experience of the emotion and into the mind’s analysis of the feeling. Often this means we try to rationalize or “fix” things so we can “feel” better or we can duplicate the feeling in the future. When we are not fully present with our emotions we do not fully experience them. Living life disconnected from feeling is no really living at all.

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