The spiritual path leads us to examine things in a completely different light. For me the things that once seemed insignificant take on whole new meaning. For example, I learned that the small things are really what matters in life. I’ve heard that expression quite often but never really realized until recently how powerful it really is.

The small things are what make up our daily experience and inform, on a deep level, who we are and how we live our lives. I recognize now that each moment I choose not to give in to feelings of irritation, frustration, stress, fear make all the difference to the choices I make, how I treat myself and others.These small moments and subtle feelings are each critical opportunities for spiritual growth and personal development. If we can acknowledge these feelings and reactions, honor their existence, but not let them take over our actions and choices we tap into our personal power. We can let our Higher Self be our guide and not let those feelings or thoughts take control and affect us on a deeper level.

Now more than ever this is so important. Because how we respond to those little things informs how we respond to the bigger challenges and problems in our lives and in the world. If we learn to not let fear and anger dictate our daily choices and moods then we are better able to rise above the largest challenges in life. We are able to recognize more clearly that fear and anger are the teacher. Fear mongers want us to live in fear. Angry people want to make us angry too. In the world right now many people are facing these challenges on a large scale. The fear and anger of others does not need to hook us into a similar state, we can choose to rise above those feelings if we want.

This large scale challenge is the Universe is calling us to turn within and find the peace and love that is the Source of all. If we aim to separate our true selves from the small ripples of daily life, when we experience a big wave we can see more clearly that it is only a slightly larger ripple in our existence. Who we truly are is not the ripple but the endless ocean of love that lies peacefully below. We can acknowledge the ripples with love but choose to take the source of our actions and inspirations from deep within. The Source of all is love and compassion.We have a safe and stable harbor within that we can always turn to in any moment. If we view our negative experiences and feel our difficult feelings from that place of safety and peace, we can weather any storm.

Thich Nhat Hahn posted on Facebook recently:

“To bring about real change, our efforts must be collective and harmonious, based on love and respect for ourselves and each other, our ancestors and future generations. If anger at injustice is what we use as the source of our energy, we may do something harmful, something we will later regret. According to Buddhism, compassion is the only source of energy that is useful and safe. That is why love must always go together with understanding. Understanding and insight show us how to act.”

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