Thieves in the Temple – Diffusing Drama in Your Life

In the last few weeks a lot of drama was unfolding in one area of my life. I found myself being hooked by its powerful negative draw despite my daily efforts to practice conscious awareness. I found myself contributing to the negativity and slipping into unconscious patterns of reaction. For me that usually means wanting to run away from it and so I plotted my escape. Yet, I knew if I ran I would be leaving behind something that was deeply meaningful and a great opportunity for personal success and growth.

That is when I received a gift. Through a series of events I was shown that the people who caused this drama actually were in deep pain and experienced great hardships in their lives that I was, for the most part, unaware of. I was hit with a clear understanding that the drama people create is really a cry for love and compassion. Their unconscious attempt to have others see their pain (and therefore hopefully heal it) causes them to create drama.
Drama is, by my definition, usually an exaggerated negative reaction to undesirable behavior in others or unwanted life experience. It’s the ego trying really hard to convince us that our personal pain and unhappiness is due to other people or external circumstances. It’s often a very successful distraction from healing and spiritual evolution. We let the thieves enter our temple. We are hooked into believing that the drama is truly about something outside us. When we create drama we are successful in activating others’ pain reaction and they are pulled deeper down in unconsciousness with us.
The night I was lifted back out of unconscious and drama I was visited by an angel. I was at an event that night. As I was learning more about the painful past of the individuals who created drama, I saw my angel. Sitting at a table next to mine was a man that was the exact image of someone very dear to my heart that I lost over a decade ago. If my loved one had lived and aged ten years this man would be his twin. I immediately saw this as a sign. This person often visits me in my dreams with a message of light and love. I recognized that I no longer needed to feel the need to run from the drama; that I had all the tools I needed to diffuse it.
I immediately entered a deep state of consciousness as I had this realization. I saw that I too had been participating in the drama. I became more present and aware over the course of the night. At the end of the evening another person told me that I had the wisdom and disposition needed to diffuse the drama that this group was struggling with. I realized that I had the strength to rise above all the drama and pain.

I recognized that becoming fully present and focusing love and compassion into all my interactions with these wounded individuals was exactly what was needed to diffuse the drama. Since then I have had a few opportunities to face this same dramatic situation with full presence and respond to it with love and compassion. I know that soon the drama will begin to lose its hold on this group. I am humbled by the opportunity to bring my love and light to this situation. I hope that by shining the light of consciousness that I can help to bring these people some of the love and compassion they truly deserve.

Love come quick
Love come in a hurry
There are thieves in the temple tonight

They don’t care where they kick
Just as long as they hurt you
There are thieves in the temple tonight

Love if you’re there come save me
From all this cold despair
I can hang when you’re around
But I’ll surely die
If you’re not there
Love come quick

Love come in a hurry
There are thieves in the temple tonight

I feel like I’m looking for my soul (Soul)
Like a poor man looking for gold (Gold)
There are thieves in the temple tonight
Love please help me be

The better man

Better than the thieves in the temple
In the temple tonight

– Prince

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