Tonight as I was reading the last part of Anita Moorjani’s new book, What If This Is Heaven, (WITIH) a powerful spiritual realization hit me.

Last week, James John from Love Appreciate Forgive (LAF) was doing a live Facebook session on Anita Moorjani’s new book. He said he felt that this book was as powerful as Eckhart Tolle’s The Power of Now. I was greatly intrigued by this comment, andI see now that he is completely correct, however I would add that Anita Moorjani’s teachings are complimentary to Eckhart Tolle’s.

Most people who learn anything about Al-Anon or AA have heard the expression “Detach with Love.” Reading these two books has brought me a deeper understanding of this expression.

Eckhart Tolle’s key teaching is to detach from your mind and become the observer. In order to become the observing presence you must fully emerge yourself in the present moment.

Anita Moojani’s key teaching as she states is “about the importance of being authentic above everything else.” She teaches us how critical it is to fully love and accept ourselves.

I would add that another teacher, Teal Swan, teaches us to stop abandoning ourselves and to be fully present with ourselves including with our negative emotions and aspects of ourselves that we have learned to reject.

Sitting here tonight reading the end of WITIH it all came together for me.

When I combine these teachings I find that the message is clearly to detach with love. This applies not just for others but for ourselves.

If we learn to detach and observe but we do not learn to love unconditionally at the same time we create as much of an imbalance as we would if we remained spiritually unconscious.While “love” without detachment (or spiritual consciousness) is just another form of ego attachment.

Detaching with (self) love is the only way to create a healthy ego and create balance in our lives. When we detach from our ego and emotions we recognize that we are not our minds or our bodies but much more – we discover our true nature – we are Source energy, God. But if we attempt to detach without total self love and acceptance we are abandoning important aspects of ourselves:q we are judging parts of ourselves or others as bad or inadequate. We are giving the unhealthy ego an opportunity to continue pull us into fear.  This is known as spiritual bypassing. When we live fearlessly, we truly living and allow for true spiritual evolution.

Detached or unconditional love is the closest experience we can have to the God state in this realm.

When we deny the world of form and disrespect the importance of our ego, emotions and thoughts we automatically create a new imbalance. An imbalance in the favor of spiritual over material is just as unhealthy as its opposite. If we completely disconnect from the material world we are not living fully in the present and we are not loving unconditionally. The Buddha understood the importance of this balance and so gave up the life of spiritual asceticism in favor of a more balanced lifestyle.

Balance is the key. Anita Moorjani’s new book teaches us the power of creating and maintaining that balance.

Detach with love – We can be the observer and stay present. We can understand that this material existence is an illusion and that our true nature is that of pure and infinite Source energy, of unconditional love. But we can still love this illusion and see it for the deeply powerful spiritual catalyst that it is. We can fully love all the aspects of ourselves and this existence. We can be enlightened and authentic, we can love ourselves and consciously live every minute.

In this balance we find Heaven; here and now.


2 thoughts on “Heaven

  1. Jane Empey

    Erika, as usual a wonderful insight! I took the liberty of editing for you, with some comments that might make it easier for your readers to absorb your message. Great job!



  2. milenajoymorris

    I love what you wrote here! Would you consider sharing some of your observations in the form of an Amazon review of What if this is Heaven? I think your insights can really help people who are deciding whether or not to read the book. Thanks! Milena


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