Fulfillment – Making Space for Being

A spiritual shift or an awakening creates awareness that each moment we have the choice to let go, to chose between love and fear. Every moment of our lives we are faced with the opportunity to let go. Enlightenment is simply the awareness of that choice. People who have experienced a spiritual awakening will, sometimes drastically, change the way they live their lives. The changes they make all have the common thread of creating space in their daily lives to cultivate loving presence. Enlightened living is, therefore, the choice to live life on purpose; to live fearlessly with love and awareness in every moment.

Dr. Allan G. Hunter’s book, Spiritual Hunger, offers great insight into intentionally living a life of being.

“Whatever causes us to be more aware of the mystery, the beauty, and our sense of deep connection with the world is what we should move toward. We can do it however we like, but we must do it. This action will move us toward the place in which we listen to what our heart is telling us, not our head. Perhaps, yoga does this for you, or meditation. Perhaps, stargazing or standing beside a river, fishing. Perhaps tending to a grandchild or weeding a garden.”

As Dr. Hunter says, taking this spiritual awareness to the next level means becoming aware of what experiences and activities draw me into a state of being and connects me to love versus the activities or experiences that create fearful thoughts that lead to unhealthy action.

Recently, I watched an Eckhart Tolle video where he spoke about thoughts (as an extension of ego) trying to pull our focus away from present awareness. I have started to recognize that certain activities, experiences, habits and behaviors encourage that state of distraction, while others support being in a state of loving present awareness.

I’ve learned that my spiritual path comes down to making daily choices that create space for loving awareness in my life. For example, writing this blog is an activity that brings me into the present moment and connects me to my Higher Self. I found it really helpful to make a list of more activities and experiences that support loving presence versus those that pull me down into fear.

It is a good practice to start to notice the impact different activities and experiences have on your present state of conscious and to make a list of the things that support being versus those that distract from it and create fear. For each individual the experiences and activities that create loving awareness will be unique. One example for me is when I drive I no longer listen to the radio. I find that talk radio, especially news, pulls me down into fear at the worst and at best it distracts me from my present awareness. Every time I get in the car I have an opportunity to choose presence over distraction or fear.

The realization that I need to ask myself in each moment if I am doing or thinking something that is cultivating awareness and creating love is a powerful step on my spiritual journey. It creates a clear framework in which to explicitly create a life filled with love and fulfillment.




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