Letting Go Part 2 – Rose Colored

Letting go is the act of releasing the ego and embracing our Divinity. The first step in that process is accepting our reality and no longer resisting that which we do not want in our lives. Resisting is the language of ego and fear is its message. When we no longer resist and we accept things as they are we enter a state of peace that most people living in this physical state rarely experience.

Once we enter a peaceful state of acceptance we now have the opportunity to find our connection to the Divine. This is accomplished in the most profoundly simple way. So simple that our egoic self wants us to overlook the one true opportunity to connect to our Higher Self. A Course in Miracles says that the ego is nothing more than a fearful thought. Everything that the ego influences us to do or say comes from fear; the ego is in fact fear and nothing more. This is because the Ego is finite and the Divine is Eternal.

The opposite of fear is love. The absence of fear creates a state of peace, and the ultimate peace comes from total belonging, acceptance and Oneness. This is Love. Love is complete belonging to all, and therefore complete acceptance because we are simply a part of, not separate from the Divine. All spiritual teachings and religions teach us that God is love. And so the act of letting go of ego to embrace the Divine is the act of letting go of fear to embrace love.

The ego is constantly creating stories that attempt to anchor us to fear, our conceptual mind tells us that the circumstances we face leave us no choice but to feel afraid, angry, etc. any host of negative emotions that all lead back to fear. It creates these stories because it is trying to protect the ego from death, believing that it is finite. We are conditioned by the world we live in and our ego to develop a sense of fear. The ego develops out of the Higher Self and is necessary in this life time. It’s job is to protect us and to learn lessons.

Although, the ego is necessary in order to function in this finite reality it continually convinces us to stay in that state of fear by making us believe that have no choice but to feel negative emotions, that external circumstances hold the control over our internal state or telling us that our choice to focus on the negative is a trivial, superficial choice with no real importance. Yet, this is the most important and only true choice that we ever really have.

The moment-to-moment, day-to-day choices we make between seeing things from a positive perspective versus a negative perspective hold great power, yet our ego sees these small choices as unimportant. Every time we choose to focus on the positive over the negative we are choosing love over fear. Love is the one connection we have to the Divine in this world. The truest act of love is self love and the greatest act of fear is self hatred. If we want to let go and connect to our Higher Self the only way to accomplish that is to choose to focus on love not fear in every moment of our lives.

Right now, stop reading and look around at your surrounding and look for things that you like, things that make you happy. We conditioned by our society to focus on what we do not like, what we fear. The act of letting go is the act of rejecting this conditioning and choosing another way of being. Children are born in a state of love and they learn from this world to focus on fear. Adam and Eve’s story is the story of the original fall from love to fear. We can choose to return to innocence back to the state of love and perfect trust that Adam and Eve lived in before they encountered the snake and bit the apple.

We can find something we love in everything in life. Like a flower growing in a prison yard there is beauty and love in even the most negative circumstances. When I lost my baby I was surrounded by loving friends and family that cared for me. I had my son, a little toddler at the time, he snuggled me and comforted me. He was pure love. I had so much love that I could choose to focus on instead of succumbing to fear. Or I would have if I had known that I could make that choice.

After Ekhart Tolle experienced his satori, sudden awakening, he no longer saw his humble flat as a place he hated, he saw the light that shone through the window and focused on that because he loved it. He soon forgot the things about this home that made him miserable. His awakening put him in a state of constantly making the choice for love, whereas before his enlightenment he made the choice for fear without realizing he had a choice at all.

The ego’s defensive nature will rob us of the choice between love or fear every chance it gets. Awakening or enlightenment is simply the knowledge that there is a choice. When we know we have that choice we will choose love every time. The power to make that choice is and has always been ours. Every difficult circumstance, even negative experience is an opportunity to focus on the positive and on love. Love is our channel to the Divine. In order to complete the process of letting go we need to take every opportunity to look at the world through rose colored glasses and see what we love not what we fear or hate.

If we hate our body we can find that one thing we love about it and focus on that. If we love our eyes we can buy a really great pair of glasses or nice eye make-up and honor that one thing we love about our physical appearance. Love multiplies. We soon will find other things we love if we start by focusing on the one thing we love.

Popular self help and personal growth practices involve keeping gratitude journal and practicing positive affirmations. Often our ego will convince us that these activities are frivolous or lack any really meaning, yet in reality, they offer us a daily connect to our Higher Self. These practices hold deeply profound spiritual meaning.

The practice of being present in the current moment is critical, because it from this moment that we can access our Divinity. It’s in the Now that we choose to focus on love not fear. Choosing love is letting go and embracing the Divine. We have the power to do that right now. Every single moment we have access to God through love. It really is that simple.

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