A Pelican Reveals Life’s Ultimate Purpose

Years ago when I first learned about the law of attraction I heard about an exercise. You pick an image and visualize it as intensely as you can. Then you wait for it to physically manifest in your life. It’s really fun exercise to do. If you’re just starting to learn about the law of attraction it can be an eye opening experience. Last week I decided to do it again. I asked what image I should search for and strangely an image of a pelican came to me. So I worked on visualizing this funny looking bird. This was a really interesting image because I knew I wouldn’t see one in northern Vermont. So, I wondered why this would come up so randomly.

Yesterday, I had a desire to watch the movie The Shift. I haven’t read or watched anything by Dr. Wayne Dyer since he passed. I still feel sadness that the world has lost such a powerful teacher. But I was drawn to it, so I watched it. Early in the movie there was some beautiful imagery of birds. As I was enjoying it I realized I was looking at a pelican. My pelican showed up! After I was thinking about one of the main messages in the movie. I was contemplating my own life purpose and what Dr. Dyer meant when he said:

“No one needs to ask the question ‘What is my purpose?’ It will always be found in service. If you can just for one day put your attention on making life better for someone else, if you can focus on thinking like that. That’s how God thinks.”

I was trying to understand what he meant by service. It dawned on me that all of humanity, perhaps all living beings, share one ultimate purpose. That is we are all spiritual teachers. We are here to in this life to share universal wisdom with each other. The ultimate goal for us all is spiritual expansion. When we all share spiritual teachings in our own unique way we create more opportunities for others to hear these messages in the way that best resonates with them. For this reason the more teachers the better. We all share the same basic universal truths in all we say and do, both consciously and subconsciously. We share that we are all part of Source. We are all one. We are love. That our thoughts create our reality. That we are far more powerful than we ever imagined. We are free to create our bliss.

The vehicle through which we fulfill this ultimate purpose is unique for each individual. We are all born with gifts and are presented with specific opportunities. These personalized qualities and events lead us to a vocation or role. A job that will bring us deep meaning if we focus on what we enjoy. No matter what that path is if we approach it from a place of service we will find our purpose. That is, we use that work as a platform for our own spiritual teachings in doing this we find true happiness.

Whether we are a janitor, teacher, doctor, sales executive, artist or parent we can approach these roles as an opportunity to spread a message of love in our own unique way. We do this through our word and actions. In some cases people who love their work and are happy in their lives are sharing their own spiritual teaching without even realizing it.

Conversely, someone could have a “dream job” but they approach their work from an ego state where their main goal  is to attain more and more: more money, more fame, more respect. At worst, they may be miserable and hate even the most idealized job, at best they may feel a lack of meaning in their efforts and achievements. It really truly is all in the attitude. Just as many of us have met wealthy people who are unhappy and never seem to have enough to satisfy them. A shift in perspective is all that is necessary.

A lot of self help books encourage people to quit their job and pursuit their dream career. In some cases that may be a valid choice. But my understanding of Dr. Dyer’s message is that deep satisfaction and purpose can be found in any work as long as we see it as an opportunity to spread universal wisdom to all we encounter.

That being said I have worked in toxic work environments. If someone really feels that a certain job or profession is unhealthy for them it may be worthwhile considering a change. However, what I’ve learned is that before we make such a change we need to take the opportunity to examine our motivations and attitudes about our current career. If we take the path of self examination we may learn that we can fulfill our life’s purpose no matter what work we are doing in our day-to-day lives. Personally, this has freed me from years of torment. I spent so much time feeling unhappy with my current career. I focused only on what I hated about it instead of looking at it from a different perspective. Recently I shifted to thinking about how I can express my authenticity and share the messages I have learned without having to make a drastic career change.

Now I can pursuit my passion without leaving a career that provides me with a reliable source of income. I decided to keep my job since it works for me on a practical level and pursuit my purpose in other areas of my life. You may consider expressing your life’s purpose as a hobby, part-time job, side business, volunteer position or by joining a like minded community. You can just start doing what you love not expecting anything in return, just doing it because you enjoy the process. Changing my closed mind thinking that I had to create a high paying career out of my passion has really turned things around for me. I’m free to pursuit my passion without the pressures of quitting my job and putting everything on the line in order to live my purpose.

Once more we can live this ultimate purpose through all we do. We can make each choice in our lives from the conscious knowing that we are connected to all beings. We can choose what we eat, buy, spend our time on; and how we treat others from a place of love and awareness of our divinity. I believe that when Gandhi said be the change you want to see in the world, he was talking about making your own life – every action, word and thought – a spiritual teaching.

We can even make each breath we take a flow of Source energy: love flowing from our inner being into the world.

I learned from Dr. Dyer that the ultimate purpose that we all share in this world is to serve others, the greatest service we can provide is to find our bliss and share the teachings we learn in life with the world by being the change we want to see.





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